Make-Up brushes

Hello lovelies! ❃

Today I wanted to share with you beauty lovers out there, my Favourite make-up Brushes at the moment.


These brushes are made by a brand called ‘So Eco’ and I also have a brush from a brand called ‘Eco Tools’. They honestly are the nicest Brushes I have personally used and now I’ve started using them I think I’ll stick to these brands. They’re not only good quality, super soft, and work well when applying make-up, but they are also 100% Eco Friendly! Their packaging is also eco friendly due to the biodegradable materials they use. The brushes themselves are made from recycled materials and are cruelty free – an extra bonus with purchasing these Brushes! I’m slowly trying to convert my make up draw to 100% cruelty free products, and these Brushes are just the beginning (For anyone who knows of brands that aren’t tested on animals/cruelty free, let me know ☺️).

For anyone interested in purchasing these brushes click here to visit the ‘So Eco’ website, and here to visit the ‘Eco Tools’ website.

Feel free to let me know what Brushes you like to use and any recommendations you may have! ❃

Big hugs, Grace x

P.S. Look out for these brushes in TK Maxx as they are a lot cheaper in there ❃




6 thoughts on “Make-Up brushes

  1. Great recommendations. I love soft bristles because my skin is so sensitive. I use MAC brushes but their foundation brush is not very durable. The other brushes in the range are fantastic. I am going to try that flat toothbrush type of foundation brush next. That’ll make my morning makeup routine go a lot more smoothly. Have you ever seen that type on sale retail?

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    1. Yeah these brushes are really soft, I much prefer the softer brushes too☺️
      I haven’t used MAC brushes before, do you think they’re worth trying?
      I know TK Maxx have a lot of different types of make up brushes in all of the time, as well as boots and superdrug ☺️ But if you’re looking for something in particular maybe online would be best☺️ x

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      1. MAC brushes are soft but I bought them because I can mostly shop online, recognised the brand name and the price was very good. I’m all about quality first so would only recommend “what works well for you.”

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