Wishlist -Pyjama styled shirts ✨

Hello fashionistas! ❃

Wow its been a while! Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas🎄 I’ve been super busy so haven’t been able to be as active on my blog as i’d have liked, but I am back!! ❃

My first post this year is on Pyjama styled shirts. I am totally obsessing over them at the moment and really want to treat myself to a few. I just love how they look ❃

Below are a few of my favourites that will hopefully be in my wardrobe very soon haha!

Let me know what you think of this trend ❃


  1. Topshop casual pyjama shirt – Here
  2. Topshop pyjama shirt – Here
  3. Asos vintage pyjama shirt – Here
  4. Misguided printed pyjama style shirt – Here
  5. Topshop embroidered kimono pyjama shirt – Here
  6. Topshop Hummingbird pyjama shirt – Here

(Hover over the images for the numbers to appear)

As you can see, Topshop are slayin’ with this trend right now! I hope you guys like this post and I hope to be doing more of these styled posts very soon ❃

Big Hugs, Grace 💕


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