Denim Wishlist💛✨💛✨


Hello fellow bloggers! ✨

Who else is loving the denim craze at the moment? I cannot get enough of wearing denim, buying denim, or just staring at pretty pictures online of denim outfits (yes, I am that sad…haha!)

I have spent ages surfing the internet searching for the perfect denim pieces but I have managed to narrow it down to my ‘Favourite Top 5’. So, here are a few pieces that I am loving at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be adding a few of these to my wardrobe soon! What do you guys think of these? If you have spotted any beautiful denim recently, please leave a link below and i’ll check them out!✨

I will leave links to these looks below!

Love always, Grace x💛x

  1. Topshop colour block skirt – Here
  2. Missguided high waisted ripped skinny jeans – Here
  3. ASOS denim mini slip dress – Here
  4. H&M straight high jeans – Here
  5. Topshop denim crop jacket – Here

14 thoughts on “Denim Wishlist💛✨💛✨

  1. I have loved denim for eons! To me it’s comfortable and you can wear in any weather. The only thing I don’t get is why do people pay so much for the ones with holes, rips, etc. All I have to do is wear them a couple of years and the shredding and holes come by themselves or you can add where you like them the best. Did I just give my age away to you? To be sure I’m seventy (70). Yes it is the style, just wondered why people buy them that way?

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    1. Yes definitely!
      Haha I totally understand that! I’m really not sure why rips appeal to me but they do🙈 For me it just adds a little bit of something to the look. It gives the denim a bit of personality if you like 🙈 I own a mixture of ripped and non ripped jeans, but can see why ripped jeans don’t appeal to everyone ☺️ I’m so glad you love denim as much as me though! Great to hear you love your fashion 😁 x
      Thank you for reading x

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