Falmouth – Cornwall 🌞

Hey lovelies!

Today’s post is a mini entry about my favourite seaside town Falmouth.

When I was there I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d have liked but I managed to get a few which hopefully give off some seaside vibes 🌴

The Town

Who doesn’t love a row of funky coloured houses?! As you approach the town you’ll see a lot of these and also a lot of palm trees (although I didn’t capture any in this pic!).

This is the main high street! It’s really cool because it’s basically one long stretch of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. There’s always a lovely atmosphere here.

The Maritime 

Another one of my favourite places in Falmouth is the Marina. It is here that the ‘National Maritime Museum’ is located. There are also restaurants and shops around the marina🌟



Look at those Yachts 😍

Gyllanvase Beach

One of my favourite things about Falmouth is the fact that not only have you got a beautiful little town to have a shop in, You’ve also got the beach! After a few hours of shopping we headed down to the beach to enjoy the last few hours of sunshine 🌞




So there you have it! A brief overview of the beautiful Falmouth🌟

Thanks for reading guys! 🌟

Love always, Grace xxx

P.S. This weekend I’m off on an adventure for a few weeks so I won’t be posting for a while! Goodbye for now my lovelies, I’ll be back soon xx


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