A little about me…


Grace Bevan

I’ll be real with you. I’ve taken a social media class, and my professor said “you’ve got a great brand!” but when we tried to distill it into a bite-sized quotable about me, it lacked…many things. Either I’m an enigma, or what the youth today call a “content creator”. To simplify as best I can: I write for TV, I make art, and I can’t resist getting in front of a microphone.

Currently, I’m a Media Production student at Ryerson University, and I’m on track to graduate in December of 2019. I’ve been focusing my studies in writing for the small screen, especially children’s programming. Professionally, I’ve written for Student Life Network, and even a few segments for CBC’s interstitial pre-school morning show, Studio K.

As an artist, I work mostly digitally. I’ve taken on a wide variety of projects: logo creation, background art for animation, graphic design for entire events, and even comics! I’m flexible and I love to bring my style to a new visual challenge. I always want to find a way to make clients happy and really bring out the personality of the project.

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